Electric Sectional Valve

Electric Sectional Valve

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Electric Sectional Valve

 The compact Electric Sectional Valve from Buyers Products features a compact design. Its electrical controls allow you to mount a switch in the cab and control the valve remotely. It's great for smaller trucks and plow trucks.

The 12V valve is rated to a max flow of 11 GPM. It features a simple on/off (non-proportional) flow. It can handle a maximum rating of 4300 PSI when the main relief is set at a higher pressure. The main relief is adjustable from 1300 to 3000 PSI (factory preset at 2150 PSI). Two additional adjustable port reliefs -- angle and dump -- are available to provide protection for the specific job. The valve has cylinder spools, and features load hold check in the neutral position, precision-machined and ground spools, and easily replaceable spool end seals.


  • Many configurations available to fit your exact needs.
  • Electric controls take less room in your cab -- great for smaller trucks.
  • Tough cast-iron sectional design for reliability and versatility.
  • Handles demanding jobs with a maximum rating of 4300 PSI (when the main relief is set to a higher pressure).
  • Adjustable main relief lets you tackle jobs of varying demands.
  • Additional job-specific workload protection with optional port reliefs (angle and dump) available.


Amps per Coil


Electrically Operated


Main Relief Setting

1300-3000 (Set at 2150) PSI

Maximum Pressure

3600 PSI

Out Port Size


Port Relief Angle

1900-4300 (Set at 2150)

Port reliefs


Shipping Weight

33.47 lbs.

Coil Voltage


Maximum Flow Rate

11 GPM

Number of spools





Product Common Use: Truck and Trailer Hydraulic Systems, Smaller Trucks


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