Steel Bulkhead Reservoir

Steel Bulkhead Reservoir

Buyers Products BH36SF10

Buyers Products

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Tough, durable 12 Ga steel construction.
Built-in strainers and filters work to keep fluid free of contaminants.
Corrosion-resistant black powder-coated finish.
Available with either a 10 micron or 25 micron filter.

The 36 gal Steel Bulkhead Reservoir from Buyers Products features tough, durable 12 Ga steel construction and is designed to keep fluid cool and contaminant-free.

The reservoir's black powder-coated finish resists rust and corrosion caused by the elements. It is ideal for placement at the back of a service body truck bed.

The reservoir features multiple ways to reduce fluid contaminants. Choose either a 10 micron or 25 micron return line filter, depending on your filtering needs and fluid flow rate. A 150 micron stainless steel strainer and a nylon filler strainer-breather cap with a 30 mesh strainer also work to keep fluids pure.

The reservoir also includes a built-in sight gauge for oil level, as well as ports for an optional sight/temperature gauge. Mounting hardware sold separately.

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