50 Ton Air Compensated Pintle Hook with 10 Mounting Holes

50 Ton Air Compensated Pintle Hook with 10 Mounting Holes

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Reduces wear and tear on towing parts by reducing slack and movement.
Makes for a more comfortable ride through shock absorption between the vehicle and trailer.
Extremely strong austempered ductile iron construction.
Durable corrosion-resistant powder-coated finish.
Great for on- or off-road use.

The 50 Ton Air Compensated Pintle Hook from Buyers Products cushions movement between the pintle hook and tow ring. This feature saves wear and tear on the parts, especially in sudden motion or braking situations.

The pintle hook uses the vehicle's air system to hold the drawbar eye closely to reduce wear, absorb shock, and prevent uncoupling during operation.

The hook is ideal for heavy duty applications such as trailers, semitrailers, and double and triple trailer operations, both off-road and over-the-road.

This product can also be used without the air chamber and plunger as a standard pintle hook.

For off-road use, the load should be reduced by 25% and a swivel type trailer drawbar should be used.

Product Common Use: Heavy Duty Towing, Off-Road Towing, Semi Trailers, Pup Trailer Towing

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