Heavy Anti-Spray Rubber Mudflaps

Heavy Anti-Spray Rubber Mudflaps

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Built for long road life with 1/2 in. thick rubber construction.
Resist cutting and tearing.
Resist snow and ice buildup.
Broad based knob design repels spray.
Repel impact from road debris.
Made in the USA.

Buyers Products Heavy Anti-Spray Rubber Mudflaps have special 1/4 in. broad based knobs to repel spray. They resist cutting and tearing from road debris for long lasting road life.

The durable mudflaps withstand subfreezing temperatures while resisting snow and ice buildup, making them ideal for all-season use. They're made in the USA at Boomerang Rubber Company from 100% recycled rubber.

Product Common Use: Trucks, Semi Trucks, Trailer Trucks, Trailers

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