Buyer Products 0091560, 0091562 - Heavy Duty Straight Tongue Coupler

Buyer Products 0091560, 0091562 - Heavy Duty Straight Tongue Coupler

Buyers Products 0091560

Buyers Products

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Buyer Products 0091560, 0091562 - Heavy Duty Straight Tongue Coupler

If you're looking for a first-rate, long-lasting tongue coupler for your trailer, then you're in the right place. When it comes to durability and practicality, it's hard to beat the Heavy Duty Tongue Coupler by Buyers Products. Here's a closer look at the unique benefits that set this product apart.

High-Quality Appearance and Functionality

Made of tough cast steel, the Heavy Duty Tongue Coupler offers a sleek, metallic appearance that integrates seamlessly with any trailer. The rounded top fits securely over the hitch ball, while the rectangular body easily connects to the trailer tongue. It can be found in the following sizes:

  • 2" diameter (10,000 lb)
  • 2-5/16" diameter (15,000 lb)

No matter which model you choose, you can rest assured that your tongue coupler is designed with strength, safety and quality in mind.

Unique Features

One element that makes the Heavy Duty Tongue Coupler particularly unique is the auto engage latch, which allows for quick, one-handed usage. The product will engage with the hitch ball and lock itself in place, essentially doing the work for you. Simplifying this operation saves both time and energy in the long run.

Another feature worth noting is the zinc plated finish, which provides corrosion resistance and maintains the tongue coupler's overall appearance and quality. It also incorporates a welded-on 3" channel, resulting in safe and stable attachment to the tow hitch. The high functionality, coupled with the aesthetic benefits, make this tongue coupler the perfect product for any trailer owner in need of secure towing.

Expert Manufacturing

Every Heavy Duty Tongue Coupler is engineered, manufactured and assembled in the United States, which is where Buyers Products was founded. The company prides itself on its ability to adapt to customer feedback and is consistently re-designing products and materials to help ensure everything meets high quality standards. Its dedication to excellence, durability and longevity has helped Buyers Products earn its place as a leader in the truck equipment industry.



Proudly Made in the USA

Buyers Products engineers, manufactures, and assembles all of our vehicle accessories in the contiguous United States. Founded in 1946, Buyers Products was built on the principle of taking care of our customers the right way. We make it our goal to solve commonly experienced problems our customers face every day by using creatively and expertly engineered products. Necessity is the mother of all invention, and we're proud of our ability to fabricate parts that solve issues that millions of Americans face every day.

At the heart of our business, we're problem solvers and innovators who love to stay on the cutting edge of technology. At the same time, we keep our prices reasonable to best serve the widest customer base. Our creative approach has helped us grow from a small distributor of truck parts to one of the leading manufacturers in the truck equipment industry.

Great Value

We design, engineer, fabricate, forge, rotationally mold, and powder coat each and every component that leaves our distribution centers ourselves. Because of this, Buyers Products stands behind every part we fabricate. This is part of why our brands have such a good reputation. Every part comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Our company culture is all about making our employees feel like a family and working together as a cohesive team, we create much better products. Two heads are better than one, and by honoring our employees' incredible contributions and working together with them, we can create the broadest and most useful range of truck parts and accessories in the industry.

Expertly Made Components

Our products are reliable, durable, and built tough to stand up to the abuses of hard work and an even harder environment. It's important to us that our parts stand up to the tests of the trucking industry. We want the best possible minds working with us because that's simply how we get the best results! Our teams are staffed with engineers and experts in their field, actual product users that know how a product is supposed to work and how to make a product exceptional.

Anticipating Your Needs

Our design and engineering process is never-ending, and we're constantly working with new technologies that make our products better every year. Our design and engineering facility is state-of-the-art so we can create new products and prototypes at an unmatched pace. Explore our store frequently to find new innovative products to make your work in the trucking industry easier.

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