4 Axle Digital Proportional Brake Controller

4 Axle Digital Proportional Brake Controller

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The 4 Axle Proportional Brake Controller from Buyers Products provides fast, smooth stopping performance for trailers with 2, 4, 6, or 8 electronic brakes. Proportional braking corresponds to the amount of pressure your foot is putting on the brake pedal in your cab. The trailer's brakes will automatically match any situation, from a gradual slowdown to a sudden stop. This feature results in smoother performance and reduces wear on the brakes.

The brake controller conveniently mounts beneath the dash, and quickly connects to the vehicle's trailer wiring. Its digital display provides diagnostic information for reliable performance. If needed, you can use the digital controls to manually control trailer braking. The brake controller comes with everything needed for mounting. It's backed with a lifetime warranty.


  • Quickly connects to your vehicle's trailer wiring.
  • Provides fast, smooth proportional trailer braking that matches your vehicle's braking.
  • Built-in diagnostic display.


Control Style


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Product Common Use: Trucks, RVs, Vans

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